It’s Valentine’s week and everyone has a sweetheart in mind. This year, my sweetheart happens to be twins – the comune towns of Capri and Anacapri in Italy. They are essentially the same island but Anacapri is the quieter sister town of Capri.

Capri has always been on our bucket list and in 2016 we were able to spend a perfect day there from Sorrento. It was wonderful to see the highlights between the 2 towns. If you’re looking for a lot of action, shopping, and nightlife then Capri is the side you want to be. If you prefer to relax and take it easy, then Anacapri is for you.

We discovered romantic adventures on the island. Italy is already romantic, Capri is an island in itself is romantic, and now add in some adventure with your BAE and you get an outstanding day.

We’ll take a look at some interesting things on the island as well as the 2 must do’s:

  • Capri: The Blue Grotto, an incredible glowing sea cave not always accessible
  • Anacapri: Cable Car to Monte Solaro, a chair lift and a long ride up the mountain for magnificent views

Getting to Capri Island from the Amalfi Coast

While visiting the Amalfi Coast, we based ourselves in Sorrento. From here, you can easily access many day tours to the gorgeous surrounding towns. Another major port from the Amalfi Coast is Naples. To get to Capri, you can take a ferry like we did. It took approximately 30-45 minutes.


  • Purchase your ferry tickets at Marina Piccola in Sorrento or online to save time! Check out the ferry schedule here.
  • Ferry ticket prices range from EUR 14.70 – 18.30 (around $17-23 USD).
  • Sit on the left side of the ferry for the best views of the coast between Sorrento and Punta Campanella.

You can also take a private boat that can be arranged by your hotel in either Sorrento or Naples.

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Large ferry’s from Sorrento Port to Capri Island

Once on the island, you’ll notice there are a lot of lemons. Limoncello is a thing here. We love lemons ourselves and yellow is so happy!

Capri is extremely photogenic. There are many gorgeous vantage points to take beautiful pictures. The tour that we took showed us some of the best spots to see.

Loved this spot and views of the remarkable Faraglioni Rocks
Views of Capri

Both Capri and Anacapri are full of gardens and beautiful flora that easily makes it full of romance. The bright colors and various blooms make Capri such a joy to explore.

Beautiful floral towns

The Capricious Blue Grotto

We had personal time during the tour and one of the options was to see the Blue Grotto. We felt like he tried to steer us from seeing it and we didn’t know why at the time. We soon learned it was because the Blue Grotto is capricious and available only 3 times a week on average. You never know what the crashing waves are going to do and makes it dangerous to enter the cave.

We had to take a big boat over to the Southern tip of the island where there was a small opening into the sea cave. From there, you transfer into small rowboats that enter the grotto one at a time. The boat accommodates up to 4 persons and is shared if you have less.

Arrive and leave the Blue Grotto in a small ferry
Transfer into small rowboats
Waiting our turn to go into small opening of The Blue Grotto

When it was our turn to enter the Blue Grotto, we were told to lay down flat on our backs so we don’t bump our heads going in. With unexpected waves sometimes, they have to wait for it to pass before proceeding.

The wait can be long as only a few rowboats can go in at a time. We waited around 30-45 minutes upon arrival to actually go in. Once inside, the magic happens! For about 10 minutes, we got to enjoy the glowing blue lights that gave it its name. We also heard the local guides sing in Italian, how romantic!

Why does it look like a glowing cave?

It’s simply how the sunlight shines through the entry and hits the underwater cavity that illuminates the cavern to that atmospheric blue!

It’s a really cool adventure to experience with the loved ones.

Hot Tip: Because there’s no guarantee it would be safe to go inside the Blue Grotto, if it’s on your bucket list, plan at least a couple of days to see it in case the first day doesn’t pan out. No one can control the seas and if your odds are 50/50, it’s good to have a back up plan.

Listen to the Italians sing in the background!
The only entry and exit of the Blue Grotto


  • Beware that the local rowboat guides expect a tip and will remind you constantly. This was the only downside to this experience. About 1-2 euro per person seemed acceptable.
  • To get to the blue grotto, you have to use a tour guide. I use Viator because they guarantee the lowest prices and they are owned by TripAdvisor. Check out all of the current Blue Grotto tours here.

Cable Car to Monte Solaro

Now off to Anacapri. If you only have 1 day in Capri, the best of the best views of the island is from the top of Monte Solaro in Anacapri. It is the highest point of the island.

To get to the very top, we took the cable car that can be kinda scary. The single chair lift is about a 12 minute ride and gets very high from off the ground. Be aware if you’re wearing flip flops, many have lost them on this ride.

It has no seatbelts, just a lap bar so you don’t lean over too far and not for holding you down. I was able to ease into the ride because it’s a slow pace, but if you’re afraid of heights you can walk up too.


  • Chair Lift Website
  • Round trip 12 euros per person
  • One way 9 euros per person
  • I heard if you walk up and take the chair lift down, it may be free per other visitors.
  • Beware of these prices before you go. Tourists have been price gauged at the ticket counters. There will be little to no recourse if you catch them afterwards.
We made it to the top of Monte Solaro, Anacapri

I crack up at this picture of the finger behind us. Not sure who that statue is or what he’s doing, but the vistas are fabulous up here.

When you reach the top, there’s large seating areas and concessions for snacks and drinks. You can relax and take in the marvelous views from all around the island.

Chill’n on top of Monte Solaro
Gorgeous views all round the island you can see from up top Monte Solaro

Capri and Anacapri are so romantic…

and adventurous! They are such wonderful sister towns each having their own characteristics. We really enjoyed our fabulous perfect one day tour to the island of Capri and will return for a stay in the future.

We hope this helps in your plans to go to Capri and enjoy the very best the island has to offer.

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