One of the most iconic building structures in Rome is the Pantheon. Once formerly a Roman Temple, it has since been converted to a Catholic church called Basilica St. Mary. It’s so ancient and it is speculated that it was built during the reign of Augustus around 27 BC – 14 AD.

Why it’s unique?

The architecture is ancient and somehow the Roman Pantheon has remained completely in tact throughout its history. It is the most influential building of ancient Rome. People are in complete awe of how its been able to withstand centuries of tumultuous Roman history. It’s perfect preservation through thousands of years is an incredible sight to behold.

It is quite breathtaking and we got to stay in the best kept secret hotel room to get the most perfect post card view!

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The Hotel Sole Al Pantheon or Albergo de Sole al Pantheon in Italian, has a secret room called The Diplomat Suite.

Fun Fact: The hotel interestingly enough is one of the oldest hotel’s in the world and IS the oldest in Rome! Established in 1467.

The Diplomat Suite is not advertised on their website and generally reserved for important VIP persons that come through Rome. We are not celebrities or VIP by any means. I just happened to ask their reservations desk, “what room has the best view of the Pantheon?” Since they had it available for our dates, they basically offered it to us.

Apparently, if you know about the secret room then it can be requested. We just got lucky they offered it to us. We were so elated that we took their recommendation. It truly is stunning morning, noon, and night.

HOT TIP: Ask for The Diplomat Suite for the absolute best full frontal view of The Pantheon. It’s not advertised, but may be available if you request it. It’s Suite #211, now you know!

Travoodie Queen
Sunrise morning view before any crowds!
Throughout the Day
Gorgeous night view

The Secret Suite

The secret suite is called The Diplomat Suite and has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a large dining room. The size is approximately 80 square meters or 861 square feet. It’s perfect for a family of 4-6 although we enjoyed it as a couple.

The suite came with a well stocked in-room bar that offered complimentary unlimited snacks and drinks. It’s replenished daily for our convenience. The Service was on point. Anything we requested, they delivered.

Imagine waking up to The Pantheon!

The main bedroom has a fabulous balcony view of The Pantheon. I love the crowds that display outside our balcony throughout the day. They are a lively bunch with so much singing and dancing all day long. At night it clears out by 10pm, so we didn’t have a problem getting to sleep.

The views and inside the Diplomat Suite

Hot Tip: If The Diplomat Suite #211 is not available, ask for a suite in the Annex Building. There’s only a couple available but they also have gorgeous views of the Pantheon. Hint -Hint Room #501

Travoodie Queen

Perfect Central Location

We walked or Ubered to every iconic landmark in less than 10 minutes! The hotel’s location is right in the middle of Rome and close to many popular attractions. Rome landmarks are identifiable as city squares called Piazzas. The hotel and Pantheon is located at the Piazza della Rotonda.

The Piazza Venezia is considered the central hub of Rome and only a half mile from the hotel. We loved walking around Rome at night, it’s beautiful with the lights.

Piazza Venezia, the central hub of Rome

Close by you may have heard of The Colosseum, The Vatican, and St. Peter’s Basilica. They are less than 2 miles away. The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and the famous Spanish Steps in the Piazza di Spagna are literally steps away. Not to mention the endless shopping and incredible restaurants. This location is hard to beat when in Rome.

The famous Spanish Steps
The Colloseum
The inside of the Colosseum at night

HOT TIP: To beat the heat in the Summer time and the crowds, take a night tour of The Colosseum. The nighttime gives it a bit of spook that’s perfect to learn the history of its tragic games.

Travoodie Queen
Trevi Fountain

Inside The Pantheon

The Pantheon was free to enter in 2016 when we visited. There has been talk that the city may start charging 2 euro per person because it’s such a popular tourist attraction.

Inside this incredible church we saw priceless works of art, the infamous dome, and original statues that still stands today.

Underneath the Pantheon Dome
The entire Pantheon is a huge dome and visitor’s are welcomed to sit down
Panoramic view inside The Pantheon
Original works of art and statues

We Caught the Pope!

Talk about being in the perfect location can also get you the news of the town.

Sometimes the best experiences are completely by accident. We were walking around our piazza when we saw large crowds going in the same direction. We were like, “what’s going on?” We asked some tourists where they were headed and they said ,”The Pope will be speaking soon.”

It was a last minute announcement that The Pope would speak and everyone flooded to St. Peter’s Basilica to hear what The Pope had to say. We totally followed the crowds and stood in St. Peter’s Square to catch a glimpse of him.

It was an awesome impromptu experience. We saw The Pope barely very up high above a balcony and we could not understand one word he was saying in Italian. It was beautiful nonetheless. The crowd of people were from all around the world. I’m so glad we accidentally caught this moment!

St. Peter’s Basilica waiting for The Pope to speak
The Pope speaking from window with red banner
Huge screens and speakers to watch The Pope speak

When in Rome…..

be sure to ask for The Diplomat Suite at The Hotel Albergo de Sole al Pantheon. The views and location were just incredible and efficient. We spent 4 days in Rome and would not change one bit of it.

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“INVICTA!” means Unconquered Rome and a Roman motto for centuries.

Roman Motto

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