Waterfalls, volcanos, mountains, black and green sand beaches, UNESCO site, coral reefs, and so much more can be discovered in St Lucia. If you love romance but also adventures galore, then St. Lucia is the idyllic destination for you.

We actually stayed 7 nights and 8 days on this unique Caribbean island and paced our itinerary for maximum adrenaline. If you ever find yourself in St. Lucia, these are The 5 Unforgettable Adventures to Do in St. Lucia.

All of these activities were arranged by our concierge at Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort.

  1. Hike and Bathe at Superman Falls
  2. Make your own Chocolate Bar Tour from Tree to Bean and Bean to Chocolate Bar
  3. Night Dive at coral reefs
  4. Go Native on a Safari Tour
  5. Get a rush by Speedboat on a Private Island Tour

1. Hike and Bathe at Superman Falls

  • TOUR TIME: 3 hours
  • TYPE: Private
  • PRICE: $96pp tax & service charge included

Superman Falls is the most beautiful and tallest waterfall in St. Lucia. So much so that even Superman himself picked flowers for Lois Lane here in the 1980’s movie, Superman II.

We took a private tour that lasted 3 hours with the hike. Being onsite, we could clearly see why its the perfect scene for paradise. The waterfall is about 80 feet high and its rock structure reflects beautiful rainbow colors in the sun. This is what it looked like as we approached it from our hike. Look at those natural shimmering colors!

Superman Falls

The Nature Trail

I had no idea what to expect at first because we hiked through a farm with an authorized travel guide. There are a couple of ways to get to Superman Falls, but the shortest way is through the farm about 30-45 minutes. Since it’s located through private property, it is necessary to get an authorized tour guide. If you attempt to go around the private property, the hike itself is about 2 hours one way.

On the tour, the hike took about 45 mins each way and we spent about an hour playing around the waterfall. We started the tour of the farm and learned about the native herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Touring the Farm on Nature Hike

Mud Bath

Once we arrived to the waterfall, the guides talked to us about the natural hot spring and the benefits of a mud bath. I didn’t realize at the time this tour included a mud bath. Basically, it’s exactly as it sounds. The guides had already harvested some mud from the waterfall. We rubbed it all over our bodies and then washed it off under the glorious waterfall.

Everywhere in St. Lucia the locals will tell you the mud baths will make you look 15 years younger to due the volcanic mineral properties in the mud. After getting dirty, we washed all off under the waterfall. It felt like a hydro massage.

After washing off all the mud, we warmed up in the natural hot spring.

Natural Hot Spring

Hot Tip: Do NOT wear white like my hubby did, haha! I wasn’t aware of what the tour completely entailed. I was lucky to wear black that day. Most of the mud washed off but not completely. The hotel did our laundry and removed all the remnants and the sulphur smell.

2. Make Your Own Chocolate Bar Tour

  • TOUR TIME: 3 Hours for both Parts
  • TYPE: Small Group
  • Price: $97pp plus tax

WE LOVE CHOCOLATE! If you do too, this tour is a blast and quite a workout. The tour has 2 parts that can be done separately or together. Part 1 is called Tree to Bean where they showed us the process of growing and producing the cocoa bean. Part 2 is called Bean to Bar where we took the bean and made our own bar of chocolate.

Part 1: Tree To Bean

The Chocolate Tour is provided by Hotel Chocolat in Soufriére, St. Lucia. They own the largest organic chocolate farm in St. Lucia. The tour began by showing us how to harvest the cocoa fruit. They look like little colorful footballs.

Harvested my first cocoa fruit
Cocoa or Cacao Fruit

When you open the cocoa fruit, the beans are encapsulated in white pulp. The locals like to suck on the morsels like candy. It’s actually really good, it wasn’t sweet nor bitter. I’d say it tasted more like the Sweet Tart candy.

Insider Info: To avoid damage to the cacao tree so it can continue to fruit, do not pull it off the tree. Instead, twist it in one direction and it will screw off.

Chocolate Tour Guide – Hotel Chocolat
Inside of the Cocoa Fruit

Once the seeds are removed from its shell, it goes through a fermentation process. It really stunk, but it was quite fascinating how much work it takes to make the cocoa bean.

The tour moved to one of the nursery tents where we learned how to graft a cocoa tree. This process is important for the tree’s survival to resist harmful bacteria. The local farmer made it look so easy and luckily he helped us get it done right.

We grafted a cocoa tree

We named our tree FenBerry, a combination name of our 2 dogs: Fendi and Burberry.

We named our tree FenBerry

Our tree will be tagged and grow on the farm. They said we can always call and check up on it.

Our baby cocoa tree

Break With a View

After Part 1 of the Chocolate Tour, we had about a 20 minute break. We took the break at the Hotel Chocolat restaurant. Immediately, the direct view of the Piton hits us! It was an incredible site to behold in a lovely restaurant. We ordered a chocolate drink and it was divine.

Break to enjoy the views
Chocolate treat from the bar

Part 2: Bean to Chocolate Bar

The setup was rather simple with all organic ingredients. Cocoa nibs, butter, and sugar are ingredients to make dark chocolate. The water was for the strenuous activity that was about to come. The only tools we needed was a mortar and pestle and a mold for the chocolate.

Just a group of 4
Only 3 ingredients to make dark chocolate bar

The guide explained to us the process which was simple but hard work. For 15 minutes we had to pound the cocoa nibs until it became a paste. Then we added the butter to make a liquid mixture. We had to stir it for 30 minutes and then add the sugar to our liking.

The 8 step process from Bean to Bar

1. Pound cocoa nibs for 15 minutes
Exhausting process
2. Check for paste consistency
3. Add Butter
4. Stir for another 30 mins
5. Add sugar to taste
6. Pour and Mold
7. Refrigerate to set for 20 minutes
8. Enjoy!

During the long times of pounding and stirring, the guide told us some very interesting history to chocolate dating back to the Aztecs. Cocoa beans were always believed to have health properties. Tribal Chiefs would even use it as a Viagra, ha!

Fun Fact: Did you know that white chocolate has no actual chocolate in it? It’s made of milk solids, cocoa butter, vanilla, and sugar.

Bean to Bar Tour Guide
We had a blast and a workout on this chocolate adventure!

3. Scuba Diving Day and Night

  • TOUR TIME: 90 Minutes
  • TYPE: Small Group
  • PRICE: $95pp plus tax includes all gear

If you’ve been following me, you know that scuba diving was one of my biggest fears that I overcame in 2016 in Bora Bora. Since then, I’ve been certified and have dived many times around the world. BUT it has never been at night.

Night Dive

The thought of night diving freaked me out. What was great is that my hubby has never dived at night either, so both of us went through it together for the first time. I figured if we were to attempt for the first time, then this place would be it!

The Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort has there own PADI dive shop and a team of certified dive masters. Since the resort was right on the beach, all we had to do was gear up and walk right into the water.

I’m glad that we had another family of 5 that was grouped with our dive. This provided more lights underwater. I’ve never used a dive flash light before so it was a great time to learn. It’s actually really bright from such a small apparatus.

Me getting acclimated on our first night dive

Our night dive was at the base of the Piton and was amazing! After a few minutes of getting acclimated and being table to see with all the lights under water, it wasn’t so bad at all. We saw so many interesting critters that only come out at night. Octopus, squid, and a myriad of creepy crawlers we had no idea what they were.

See the creepy critters on our night dive

Day Dive

Of course we weren’t going to night dive cold turkey. Before we dove into the night, we did 2 dives during the day. One site at Coral Gardens and the other was at Piton Falls. It was interesting the differences we saw from day to night at Piton Falls.

At night, many of the corals go to sleep so they retract and close up. During the day, they are open and vibrant. We also saw colorful schools of fish swimming all around us during the day.

This was an awesome dive with dramatic walls of the Piton underwater! I loved seeing all the corals and life that exist at the base of the Piton.

Day Dive at the base of the Piton site. See the lobsters

4. Go Native on a Safari Tour

  • TOUR TIME: 5 Hours
  • Type: Small to Large Group
  • Price: $220pp plus tax with lunch included

This was truly an unforgettable day because some of it was very outside the box of what we were used to. On this tour we drove a buggy to zip zag all around the island. It was awesome!

Many exciting episodes happened on this tour, but these are the highlights you don’t want to miss.

Our buggy ride for the day

Insider Info: The buggies are all manual and they drive on the left in St. Lucia. You’ll need a valid driver’s license to operate this vehicle.

Travoodie Queen

Black Sand Beach

Similar to The Big Island, Hawaii– St. Lucia has both Black and Green Sand Beaches produced from volcanoes. We only got to see the Black Sand Beach that day as the Green Beach was not on the itinerary. The beach and the black sand are both beautiful in St. Lucia. It’s not as black as the Big Island’s and has a metallic shimmer in the sun.

Black metallic sand in St. Lucia
Nice clean Black Sand Beach

Lunch at The Beacon Restaurant

Our tour came with lunch at The Beacon Restaurant. The food is popular amongst the locals and the views make it famous among tourists. The food is really authentic and full of interesting flavors. Much of it new to me. Mike really loved their hot sauce but it was super spicy. It’s a buffet style lunch and comes with a scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice cream at the end.

Buffet Style Lunch
Authentic local food

The location of this restaurant and why it’s a must is for their fantastic views of the Pitons. The restaurant has 3 decks of space where you can strike a pose with a spectacular background.

Lunch with spectacular views of the Pitons
View of Soufriére and Pitons in one shot from The Beacon Restaurant

When in St. Lucia, this restaurant is a must whether you do it via tour or self-guided. It was wonderful to see the city of Soufriére and both Pitons in one scene.

Volcanic Sulphur Spring Mud Bath

We went Native! The coolest and the highlight of highlights was at the Volcanic Hot Spring. When the guide said we were doing a mud bath, we assumed it was going to be similar to the one we did at Superman Falls. WRONG!

The volcanic sulphur spring mud bath was a process. First you go into the very hot sulphur spring and dunk your whole body and head. The full immersion will quickly bring your body to acclimated temperature so you don’t get a headache.

Very hot volcanic sulphur springs

After we bathed in the mud hot spring for a few minutes, things got wild. The guide explained everyone will get body painted by mineral mud. Again, do the high mineral content from the volcano, the mud has anti-aging properties that also sooth the skin from any inflammation.

Insider Info: Because of the high sulphur content, you should not wear costume jewelry or fake jewelry into the mud hot spring. It will turn your jewelry green.

Likewise, if you pee in the hot spring, the murky water will turn blue and everyone will see who did it!

Travoodie Queen

We had 5 people in our group tour and our guide took the time to paint each of us.

We’ve gone native and loved it!

So how did we wash all this off? We washed most of it off back in the hot spring and then sealed our pores under another waterfall of course.

We washed off the remnants under another waterfall

Although there was much more to this excursion, these are the big highlights of our Safari Tour that are a must whether you do this comprehensive tour or not. You can access these activities self-guided. However, you would need transportation all around the island to get to these places. The buggy tour makes it convenient to see and do plenty in one day.

5. Sugar Rush Private Boat Tour

  • TOUR TIME: 4 Hours
  • TYPE: Private
  • Price: $400 for couple $500 for family on speedboat and lunch not included

One of the most beautiful ways to see St. Lucia island is by water. Our resort has any type of boat you prefer. Whether you like a rush with a speed boat or take it slow on a sail boat or even party on a catamaran, Viceroy Sugar Beach has a boat to fit your style.

We took a speed boat named Sugar Rush to see around the island and have lunch in Marigot Bay. It was just us and Captain and his Mate on the boat. It was wonderful because the time was ours to spend at leisure. We told them what we’d like to do and see and they got us there. They also do a light tour of the island to show interesting things along the ride.

We wanted to see and eat lunch at Marigot Bay, a posh little town where billionaire’s like to park their yachts. Afterwards, we wanted to snorkel privately in a cove somewhere.

A big reason I wanted to do a boat tour was to see the Pitons from the water. It did not disappoint! We loved our pictures and enjoyed the day very much.

Piton views from our private boat tour
On our way to Marigot Bay and admiring the St. Lucia coastline

Our first stop was at this bat cave! Mike HATES bats and are freaked out by them. We were in disbelief they were so active during the day. We could see and hear them clearly, yikes!

See and hear active bats in the daytime!
Marigot Bay
Many Billionaire’s Yachts are parked at Marigot Bay
Delicious Island chips and guacamole for lunch appetizer
Snorkel Time!

We saw a lot of colorful reefs and active fish where we snorkeled. It was nice an private for us. A wonderful and relaxing experience. I did however got stung by a jellyfish right before climbing the ladder to our boat. First time that’s happened to me and stung, but it wasn’t crazy painful thankfully.

Pretty Fishies Fight Over Food during snorkel

And there you have it, The 5 Unforgettable Adventures in St. Lucia.

We hope you found some excitement in this post and want to add St. Lucia to your bucket list. Spending a day or a few hours from a cruise does not do the island any justice. It has way too much to offer and should not be a short stop.

For the finest accommodations in St. Lucia, see our post featuring Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort located in the heart of the Pitons, a UNESCO Heritage Site.

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Rocks on the land ask to be in the water; those in the water ask to be on the land.

St. Lucian Proverb

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