Time is the most precious commodity anyone can have. Most argue it’s more valuable than money. You can always make more money but you cannot make more time. Once it’s spent, it’s gone.

Which is why I wanted to post some time saving tips to help you make more memories and not time sucking problems.

Quick getaways are a perfect fix to break up the mundane routines. For short trips though, you don’t have time to waste. Especially in a city like NYC, there’s too many great things to do.

As we are constantly traveling, I need products and services that live up to their claims, are convenient to use, and save us a ton of time. I also want them to be stylish and luxurious too. This combo is easier said than done, and I’m thankful to come across these brands that deliver.

For our weekend trip to NYC this August’19- I’d like to thank Chester Travels, Langham Hotel NYC, and Arcopedico Shoes for their sponsored products and services. We were surprised of the amount of time they saved us. All opinions are always my own and never compromised.

We may receive commissions to support our site when you click our links and make purchases at No Additional Cost to You. 

In order to save your valuable time to do things you actually enjoy, try these 3 must have’s.

  • Must have a well designed travel bag like Chester Travels.
  • Must have convenient location and personalized service like the Langham Hotel NYC
  • Must have great walking shoes like Arcopedico Shoes to get you anywhere comfortably and quickly.

1. Must have Chester Travels, Time Saving Luggage

Does Chester Travels have the perfect carry-on bag? It’s stylish, durable, and practically designed- I’d say is close to perfect as a travel bag can get. When packing for a weekend trip, I was surprised of how much time a well designed luggage can save. I usually check-in bags because they have better organized compartments that I like. It wasn’t until Chester sent me their carry-on bag that I decided to try it out without using any checked-in luggage.

Not having to check-in a bag saved us at least 30 mins to an hour at our airport and at least another 30 mins walking to and waiting for our luggage at arrival. I also didn’t have to stress about lost luggage when at La Guardia. They ask you to show your ticket or ID when you grab your ticketed luggage at baggage claim saving us another few minutes. You can skip this security check if you only have a carry-on.

When my Chester carry-on arrived (delivery was quick 2-3 days), I immediately noticed the careful packaging. Pulled it out the box, I liked how it was dressed with a protective cloth.

Careful Packaging

When I opened it up, I was pleasantly surprised of the organized design with a nice smooth satin like material. I was excited to see all the zippers and that my items would be securely in place. When we arrived to our hotel room, I was relieved to open my bag and everything was exactly where I placed them.

I saved time by not having to rummage through messy items and could quickly find anything I needed. Unpacking was more of a breeze too. When we arrived back home, it comes with nylon laundry bag to place dirty items. This was great to separate and conceal the dirty smelly used clothing. I didn’t have to waste time wondering what was clean or dirty.

Chester Travels organized design

The built in lock system on top of the bag is super convenient. I don’t have to look for loose locks that I lose or misplace constantly with my other bags. It’s such a time suck to look for a lock or buy new replacements constantly. The way it’s designed on the bag, people mistaken it to be a “smart bag.” I’m actually thankful it’s not because of the stringent lithium battery regulations on aircrafts.

Convenient built in lock system

Hot Tip

Be careful of “smart luggage” that contains lithium batteries. Because of their potential to catch fire on planes, there are specific stipulations of what you can bring on board for personal electronic devices powered by lithium. Read “How lithium batteries can prevent you from flying,” by SolvayGroup for more details. Because Chester luggage is NOT a smart bag, you don’t have to worry about this policy.

What’s spectacular about this bag beyond practicality is how sleek it looks. The polycarbonate shell is lightweight yet one of the most durable luggage materials on the market. When you travel to a place like NYC, it doesn’t hurt to do it in style too.

Sleek style bag perfect for visiting The Big Apple

The color of the bag was exactly what I expected to be. The wheels swivel for easy movement. This makes walking around with luggage so much less cumbersome in a busy city like NYC.

My hubby liked my bag so much, he asked me to borrow it for his guy’s only fishing trip, lol! The only con I have to a polycarbonate bag is if it can scratch. It did not appear to on this trip but I wonder how it would be if I ever checked it.

See Chester Travels Luggage for more information about their travel bags.

2. Must have ideal location, try The Langham Hotel NYC 5 Star Luxury is at your convenience

A 100 out of 100 Tripadvisor walk-score is what you’ll get at The Langham Hotel NYC. Its posh 5th Avenue address is literally in the epicenter of all the action- and that’s not all you’ll get at this impeccable hotel.

In NYC, there are tons of luxury accommodations to choose from all awaiting to serve you. So what makes a place ahead of the competition? It’s all in the personalized service, spacious accommodations, and best location that makes The Langham Hotel NYC the perfect choice for 5 Star luxury and time saver.

Convenient and Comfortable Service

We arrived a couple of hours early as noted on our reservation and had no issues checking in. Nothing worse than waiting around for hours for our room to be ready. As soon as we had a room number, everyone already seemed to know our names. We were escorted to our room with our luggage where we were welcomed with treats! The NYC cookies and pink M&M’s with a bottle of Evian water were a great touch.

Welcome to NYC treats from, Langham Hotel NYC

The bellman took a few minutes to welcome us by providing pertinent information about the room. Then he offered all the little extra complimentary services they provide to their guests.

Time Saving Complimentary services for each guest room: On top of the typical hotel services, we were impressed with the extras that made our lives easier and more comfortable.

  • 5 garments of your choice cleaned and pressed on day of arrival
  • Shoe shining each day if you’d like
  • Tea Service if you prefer as a welcome service
  • Hotel Car available on first come first served bases anywhere in Midtown Manhattan

The cleaning service alone saved us tons of time! We had reservations with friends that early evening, but was able to relax a bit while they took care of a few of our outfits. They had it ready to go in an hour!!!

Complimentary dry clean and press services on day of arrival

Coffee was available in the rooms and the Bellman asked if we prefer tea as well. I said yes expecting only to get tea bags sent to us, but it was a whole tea service that quickly arrived with hot water, milk, and honey. I was happy to not spend time asking for anything .

Complimentary Tea Service to welcome us

To most places we walked but did use the complimentary hotel car service twice during our stay. The ride is a Lincoln Navigator with a professional driver. It is on a first come first served basis so it’s best to give the hotel about a 20 mins heads up to see if it can be ready for you.

They never stopped making us feel welcomed. Each night they left us different and delicious gourmet cookies during turn down service. I loved returning to our hotel room and find it neatly organized and clothes folded.

Delicious cookies left after each turn down service

The impeccable service did not end until we fully left the premises. I mentioned I enjoyed the house made granola and asked for the recipe on the day we left. They sent up a whole to-go box full of their granola along with a printed recipe! It actually saved us from our 5 hour flight delay with 2 hours on the tarmac with no food to purchase.

A personal and unexpected departing gift of their delicious house made granola and recipe

Fantastic Location

The location of the hotel is right on 5th Avenue Midtown Manhattan and has a Tripadvisor walk score of a 100! You can practically walk to all the main attractions but avoid the heavier pedestrian traffic of Times Square. You can easily walk within a few blocks to the Empire State building, Chrysler building, Times Square, Broadway, the largest Macy’s in the world, Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, and many others. You’re also within 2 miles of either ends of Soho and Central Park.

To save the most time, get a hotel location that’s central to everything you want to do. You’ll have much more control of your time and less stress too. It may cost more- but the time savings, convenience, and less rushing driving through traffic or train is more than worth it at The Langham NYC.

Hot Tip

If you’re heading to Manhattan, Fly into La Gaurdia rather than JFK to save yourself half the time, traffic distance and transportation costs.

Walking distance to Times Square
Walking distance to Broadway. We saw Hadestown winner of 8 Tony’s and Dear Evan Hansen winner of 6 Tony’s
Walking distance to Empire State building

Since we were able to mostly walk anywhere we wanted, it saved us so much time not dealing with the crazy traffic. To most places, it was faster to walk rather than drive.

Spacious with Convenient Accommodations

Along with an ideal location, the room layouts are thoughtfully spacious with convenience in mind.

We asked for a great room with spectacular views and we got it! Our deluxe room was located on the top 27th floor with views of 5th Avenue, Hudson River and Chrysler Building.

Fantastic bay windows facing the city

Space is a luxury in NYC, most visitors expect micro sized hotel rooms. The average in Manhattan is 300s sqft. At the Langham, the smallest room is 425 sqft and their largest is over 1900 sqft. Our deluxe room was around 600 sqft and was a great size for 2 people.

Spacious rooms at The Langham Hotel

The larger rooms have more space for organizing your stuff. Small spaces seems to keep everything cluttered and therefore harder to find. The Langham is well designed to keep you organized for quick grab and go’s of your items.

The full sized bathrooms had double sinks and vanity so 2 people can easily get ready at the same time.

Large bathroom to comfortably share simultaneously

Check our room tour at The Langham NYC 5th Avenue

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about The Langham NYC at TripAdvisor

3. Must try Arcopedico walking shoes

In NYC, you can walk for miles in a day since it’s usually faster than a car. You’ll quickly find in NYC that the local pedestrians hate breaking their stride, so you want a shoe that’s going to keep up with the frantic traffic.

All day shopping with my Arcopedico shoes

Arcopedico shoes is a European based company where the shoes are hand-made in Portugal. They’re known for their patented design for lightweight comfort yet durable to get you through your travels. It’s designed for women who are always on their feet and/or have poor circulation issues.

When they sent me my first pair, I wasn’t sure if my usual size 6 or design of the shoe that was rubbing on my rightside of my right foot. I didn’t feel it on my left side but on my right side felt narrow. I let the company know and they were happy to send me one size up to a 7. This company does not do half sizes so I hoped the size 7 would not be too large.

It took some time to get the order, but it did arrive on time for my NYC trip. The new size did seem just slightly oversized but not noticeable. I was still able to walk in them without slipping.

The rubbing unfortunately still existed on my right foot, so I thought maybe I just need to break them in. After wearing them for the weekend, it still rubs my baby toe on the right foot. I realized it was the design that’s maybe too narrow for my foot.

What was great about the shoe was that the rubbing did not cause any chaffing to my skin. It’s odd, though there was a slight discomfort to that one spot of my foot, the materials cause no friction rubbing against my skin.

My left foot was comfortable the whole time. What I really like about the shoes is the rubber sole and breathable knit design. NYC has very dirty and rough streets and these shoes in white did great withstanding the harsh elements.

I also was able to move very quickly with them on. I was running late for a dinner reservation that couldn’t be modified so I jogged several blocks with them. They are so lightweight, I could easily maneuver through the large crowds with ease. They never slipped off my foot once and I had great traction to go full speed if I wanted.

I also enjoyed lounging with these in our hotel room. They almost feel like slippers. They pack extra light in your suitcase too and take up very little space.

Relaxing with my Arcopedico’s after long days of walking around NYC

For me, these are still a must try right now and would like to try another design that will be a must have.

If it wasn’t for the quality materials and sole design of the shoes, I wouldn’t buy these shoes because of the narrow tips that rub against my right foot. I am willing to try their other designs that have a more square tip that I think will eliminate the rubbing.

The company has good follow up and cares about their products. They were more than willing to address any issues or concerns I have about their shoes.

I actually got a few complements wearing these at the airport and around the city. It surprised me how many people noticed how comfortable they looked.

Although I don’t recommend this particular style for myself, I do recommend trying their high quality products for your perfect fit. I’m personally curious about their other designs. If you’re in need of a travel shoe to try out, do not hesitate to try this company. I know if I don’t like something, they will try to make it right.

Hope these 3 Must Have’s and Try’s helps you on your next trip to any big city. We can’t wait to try them all again on our next destination. Here are some helpful links to our sponsors.

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