Terrace Views at La Chèvre d’Or Restaurant, Eze France

🌟🌟 Michelin Restaurant, Aug 2018

Oh La La! Is La Chèvre d’Or in Éze the most romantic restaurant in France? Quite possibly with captivating water views and rolling hillsides, incredible Michelin tasting menu, and in a stone castle hotel perched on a hill by the Sea! What can be more enchanting? Éze is a must when visiting Nice, France. Make some time to explore the gorgeous little village and dine at what is arguably the most romantic restaurant in France.

I made reservations for a date in August of 2018, a couple of months in advance as this place books up a few weeks out. I had no idea of the beauty and awe of the location until we arrived. Éze is a charming hill top village only about 8 miles from the city of Nice. It has incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and the rolling hillside.

The 2 star Michelin restaurant is part of The Chàteau de La Chèvre d’Or, a luxurious boutique hotel that looks like a castle. It would be absolutely perfect for a wedding or big anniversary celebration. Next time we’re in Éze, we will be staying here!

Be sure to arrive early and have a cocktail or two just to take in the breathtaking post card perfect views. They have an open terrace bar where you can relax and chat right before your dinner reservation. We planned for an 8:15pm in August and arrived about half an hour early, just in time to see the sunset.

The food is fabulous! There’s nothing worse to spoil an incredible moment than awful food. But no worries here. You will be blown away by the service and sophisticated flavors by Chef Arnaud Faye. We enjoyed the tasting menu very much.

The views inside the restaurant is like being in a looking glass that looks out to the vast sea. We were lucky to sit next to the window where we could continue to enjoy the sunset during dinner.

The Signature dessert amused us and was deliciously creative. It was disguised as fruit! Is that a lemon or lime? The surprise is inside!

Signature Dessert Surprise, La Chèvre d’Or, Éze France

Let’s not forget about the optional cheese course. When in France, it is a good idea to do what the French do and enjoy their cheese courses. At fine dining restaurants, they usually have a cheese expert that will roll up in a cheese cart to showcase their exclusive cheeses. The ones here were made locally by small farms and as far as creameries in Italy.

Don’t forget, when in Nice visit Éze for the most romantic and luxurious evening with your beloved!

It’s easy to contact the restaurant or hotel for reservations. They do respond fairly quickly to emails if you don’t want to call. Most speak English if you can’t speak French. I’ve been studying French since 2017 and was able to ask for simple requests, fabuleux!

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