Love the beach and mountains together? How about beach, mountains, and vineyards perfectly harmonized around you? Escape to a place where personal retreats are not only a vacation but a lifestyle.

The Four Seasons Hotel Westlake’s location is an idyllic retreat where you can experience all 3 elements. Situated right in between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, the hotel is only 25 minutes to both Malibu and Simi Valley.

The hotel is inspired by self-wellness and offering guests deep relaxation experiences and services. You will even find a medical grade health institute dedicated to a proactive lifestyle at the hotel. No expense was spared when they created their longevity gardens.

In this post, we will take you on a retreat into the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake and its surrounding areas where you can find luxurious relaxation and adventures for your senses.

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We would like to thank the team at the Four Seasons Westlake Village for their hospitality and tour of their wonderful facilities. We can’t wait to return!

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake inspired by Self -Wellness

We stayed in the hotel for 4 blissful nights. We love Malibu and never stayed in the Thousand Oaks area where Westlake is located until we were invited to our Cousin’s wedding. The event was only for a day but we extended our stay for a few days to enjoy the nearby sites and relax in the hotel amenities.

The Four Seasons Hotel Westlake

Upon arriving to The Four Seasons Hotel Westlake, the buildings itself looked rather institutional to us, but then you realize it’s wrapped in acres of tranquil gardens.

The Room

Our room was The Waterfall category room with great views of the Asian inspired gardens and mountain lines.

Our Waterfall Room view at The Four Seasons Hotel Westlake

Hot Tip: If you get the Waterfall Room, ask for the ones next to the elevators. You will get a noticeably larger room, better views of the garden, and with twice the closet space within the same category, avoiding up-charges.

Waterfall Room Category, Four Seasons Hotel Westlake
Stone bathroom with deep soaking tub, Four Seasons Hotel Westlake

The Garden

A highlight of the hotel are the tranquil gardens. We enjoyed our walks around it and appreciated the magnificent details to create such a zen vibe. The Asian inspired theme has waterfalls, exotic floras, and natural stone sculptures that distinguishes the grounds.

The natural stones were sculpted by my favorite artist, Mother Nature. They were imported from the River Kwai, Thailand. The transportation cost just to import them was $1MM, but they are original masterpieces- no two are alike.

Stones naturally sculpted by Mother Nature
Waterfall Garden at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake

Feel free to lounge in the gardens to read a book or take a nap.

Japanese gazebo in the Garden and manicured walkways throughout

The Gardens make this hotel a popular venue for weddings and conventions with natural and manmade structures.

Take your time to stroll along The Garden’s many serene walking paths.

The Pool

Another favorite for us was the pool areas. There’s an indoor and outdoor pool guests can enjoy. The outdoor pool is attached to the spa and within the gardens. You can rent your own luxury cabana suite or just people watch on a lounge chair. We were happy to just lounge and order some snacks.

Burrata Watermelon Salad at The Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Pool
Private Cabana Suites for rent at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake

If you don’t want the sun, the indoor pool is just as relaxing and located in the lower level of the hotel.

Hot Tip: If you stay at a hotel on the Wedding Party’s list for blocked rooms, you can request upgrades at negotiated prices. Many times, hotels allow the same wedding discount rates to be applied to higher room categories, but you must ask.

The Gym

If you like to workout during your travels, this one will not disappoint. the equipment is very nice and it was always clean when we used it.

The Spa

The Spa is renowned at this Four Seasons Hotel Westlake. It oozes luxury pampering and the ultimate haven for relaxation.

After you check-in, you can easily get lost through its large but beautiful layout. We were bummed we couldn’t get appointments for a massage, they are booked. We were able to get appointments to get primp for the wedding.

Spa walkway at The Four Seasons Hotel Westlake

The Spa waiting area and access to the outdoor pool is beautifully decorated with Japanese bridges and waterfall walls. The sounds of the water drops will temper any stress you may have.

The Spa waiting area and access to the outdoor pool
Lounge in the spa waiting area before your treatment

I had my hair and makeup done for the wedding. My hubby had a gentleman’s mani/pedi. The final results were fantastic. We felt beautified for sure!

Hair and Make-Up by Four Seasons Spa Westlake
Hubby had the Gentleman’s mani/pedi

Our stylists did a wonderful job for us and the service was attentive. We would love to come back again for a massage experience next time we’re in town.

Other Wellness Amenities

Inside of the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake, you will find proactive health and lifestyle facilities and services. The California Health and Longevity Institute are a team of health professionals dedicated to your individual vitality. They have a myriad of retreat and wellness packages as well as medical services to create the ultimate healthy lifestyle of your dreams.

If we lived in the area, I would totally check this place out. They do a lot of extensive research on preventive medicine. Their team of health professionals are well known experts in their respective fields.

Complete wellness and lifestyle center at The Four Seasons Westlake

Take a yoga class in their yogi room.

……or take a cooking class in a classroom kitchen with a Chef or a Registered Dietitian

Photo courtesy of California Health and Longevity Institute

Healthy Foods at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake

This hotel has a few places to eat and dine at your leisure. As part of the hotel theme, all of the restaurants and cafe’s promote healthy ingredients and a whole foods menu. We only ate at Coin and Candor because it was so good and had room service.

Coin and Candor Brasserie (Casual): This was our favorite and ate here several times. The food was terrific and locally sourced. Each item is made from scratch and they tell you in the menu where the ingredients come from. Here were some of the highlights.

The Snake River Farms Skirt Steak was incredible with tons of flavor from the chimichurri sauce.

Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Do not miss the Fennel and Bell Pepper Bisque also. It’s wonderful and goes down easy. Great if you want a lighter lunch. All of their bread was also delicious and freshly baked.

Fennel and Bell Pepper Bisque

You can’t go wrong with any of the desserts. The 2 we had were pretty and delicious. The Pistachio Soufflé and The 10 Layer Chocolate Cake are a must.

The Pistachio Soufflé
The 10 Layer Chocolate Cake

Room Service at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake

The room service was pretty efficient and good at this hotel. We were exhausted one evening from hiking and decided to dine in our room.

If you want a healthy meal and don’t feel like going out, room service is a great choice at this hotel. The food arrived in under 40 minutes.


Point Dume, Malibu

This brings us to the hiking we did in Malibu. If you enjoy active leisure, less than a half hour away from the Four Seasons Westlake is beach and hiking!

Point Dume State Beach and Preserve is a gorgeous area where you have bluffs and tons of beach. Do not be fooled by all the rocky beaches in Malibu. There are miles of sandy beach too!

Theres’s a unique bluff at Point Dume where many people rock climb. It’s a critical landmark and popular icon used throughout history and now in many movies throughout the decades like “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” and “Iron Man” parts 1, 2, & 3. It’s also appeared in popular TV shows like Entourage.

It’s a fairly easy hike where the steepest part is only at the beginning. The hike itself is well under an hour, but you can easily spend an afternoon on the sandy beach.

On the trail, you can see some wildlife and native flora that make up the popular Cali Coastline. There were some very social seals that were unusually loud the day we visited.

Loud Seals below
Social Seals at Point Dume, Malibu

On the way to the top, there were nice paths full of cactus florals and other pretty shrubs. There are some modern mansions too if you appreciate architecture.

Lovely paths you can take along the coastline
Colorful cacti blooms on path

Most of the hike is along the coastline where you can catch fantastic views like this shot we took.

Gorgeous vistas along the hike

At the very top, you can walk out to the overlook and admire the breathtaking scenery.

On top of Point Dume

We sat awhile just to enjoy the moment. It reminded me of a quote, ““Like the sea breaking against the rocks, you can always find the strength to start again” J. Morrison

Enjoyed the moment on top of Point Dume

Coming back down you can take some unique narrow paths to the beach. It’s super narrow a bit steep but doable. I did it in shorts, but just make sure you are wearing appropriate attire and hiking shoes to not slip.

Afterwards we enjoyed a long walk on the beach. The sand is not compact and your feet easily sinks into it. You can get a good resistance workout just walking on it. The views of the beachfront homes and the ocean is spectacular.

Travelers think the beaches in Malibu are rocky, but the locals know there are some really sandy beaches here too. For some active leisure, this is a great hike and beach area to add to your Malibu itinerary.

Sandy beaches exist in Malibu!


The Ronald Reagan Library and Museum

For captivating mountain views, head to The Ronald Reagan Library and Museum. It’s less than 30 minutes away from the Four Seasons Westlake. My extended family did not want to actually go inside the Library and Museum, but rather see it for the views and just walk around the grounds.

Mountain views at Ronald Reagan Library & Museum

You can dine at its open cafe terrace to have a nice lunch with the views.

Cafe views at the Ronald Reagan Library & Museum

The gardens are perfectly groomed and there’s outside modern art and historical pieces too.

The library and museum are large and wraps around. You could easily spend a few hours here to see it all. Ronald Reagan and his wife are both buried here.

If you ever get to go inside the museum and library, let me know!


For Wine Enthusiasts

We do not actually drink alcohol and there are a ton of fantastic wineries in the region. If you enjoy wine tastings and vineyard tours, the Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Malibu areas will keep you toasted for sure. One of the best places in the hike and wine is Malibu Wine Hikes.

Pic courtesy of Malibu Wine Hikes


Four Seasons Westlake is perfect for a personal retreat with active leisure and personal growth. Enhance your experience in luxury and customized experiences for adventures with deep relaxation.

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