Malta is the Hollywood of Europe! It’s this tiny island in the Mediterranean just 330 miles to Sicily that has a lot going on. So many famous movies and shows are filmed here. The DaVinci Code, American Assassin, Troy, and many more. The famous cliffs catapulted the series Game of Thrones in its first series of the show.

Never been a big fan of Game of Thrones (GOT). As the series ends however, it became more exciting to watch as my curiosity peaked to see how it ends. I did gain appreciation for the show when we visited Malta in August 2018. It is one of the most fascinating and cultured cities in the world, full of UNESCO Heritage sites, palaces, grand churches, and baroque landmarks. It’s no wonder it was the chosen country to launch GOT 8 years ago and remains the epicenter of movies.

The GOT Tour is not just for fans, it’s for anyone who wants to see a vast variety of fantastic sites in Malta that make it so amazing and film worthy. It is an excellent value for the money and for first time visitors. Enjoy a full day of insider information led by actors who appeared in the series.

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The Full Day Itinerary

Here are a few highlights of the tour! Pick up time from your hotel can be from 8:ooam to 9:30am and exact time is confirmed by the tour operator who happens to be Malta Film Tours. The tour lasts approximately 9 hours and the guides are actors from the show.

San Anton Gardens and Palace

The first stop was San Anton Gardens in the heart of the island of Malta . It is a botanical garden surrounded by brick walls. It features sculptures, gardens, black swans, fountains and more.

The Eagle Fountain graced many movie scenes including GOT and Helen of Troy
Beautiful walkways

Several swan fountains

Garden Sun Dial
San Anton Palace where the President of Malta resides
Presidents of Malta at San Anton Palace
Inside the Square of San Anton Palace were Guide tells us about the GOT site scenes and home to President of Malta.
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Mdina 4000 Year Old City

Mdina was my favorite stop because it is an incredible fortified city. It is known as the Old Capital and Silent City of Malta. It was the capital of Malta during the Middle Ages. Valletta became the capital in the 1500’s.

It’s gate is the entrance to King’s Landing in GOT. Many noble families have and currently live in this unique city. Next time we’re in Malta, I’d love to stay in here.

King’s Landing entrance in GOT. In reality, it’s the entrance to Mdina city in Malta.
St Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina City.
Ancient City Vibes in Mdina City
I love the medieval structures in Mdina City
Incredible ancient fortified city of Mdina
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Lunch in Mdina

We stopped for lunch while visiting Mdina. I’m not sure which restaurant we went to but it had outstanding views of Malta and an extensive menu.

Lunch with great views of Malta
Felt great to just sit down after extensive walks and Summer heat
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Saint Dominic’s Convent in Rabat

Saint Dominic’s Convent featured the Red Keep Garden in Season 1. This is where Cersei declares,

‘When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.’

St. Dominic’s Convent featuring the Red Keep Garden in GOT

This church and convent is really beautiful and ancient. The first brick was laid in 1571.

Gorgeous archways
4000 year old architecture at St. Dominic’s Church and Convent
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The Lady of the Grotto in Rabat. Did She Really Shed Tears of Blood?

Inside St. Dominic’s Church you will find The Lady of the Grotto holding baby Jesus that proclaims to shed tears of blood in May 1999. 200 witnesses saw the phenomena over 2 days time.

Did this statue miraculously weep tears of blood in 1999?
Holy Room
Quick vid of room
Antique Room in St. Dominic’s Church
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Migra l-Ferha, Famous Cliffs in Rabat

In Season 1 of GOT, the episode Fire and Ice was filmed on the famous cliffs of Migra l-Ferha. When the HBO creators produced GOT, they did not expect it to explode the way it has. The finale at the famous cliffs catapulted the series for 7 more seasons.

Migra l-Ferha, Rabat, Island of Malta. The Season 1 finale battle on these famous cliffs that catapulted the GOT series.
Ruin sites also on Migra l-Ferha, Rabat, Island of Malta
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Popeye’s Village

Popeye’s Village was a fun and final stop to a long day. It is also known as Sweetheart Village. It was actually built for a 1980’s film set for the movie Popeye. It is now a theme park where families can enjoy for the day. The tour just stopped to take pictures of the cute little village.

The darling film set of Popeye’s Village.
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Hot Tips

  • It’s hot in Malta during the Summer, wear lite breathable attire.
  • There were a couple of snack breaks to get drinks and such, but bring your own water and snacks if you prefer.
  • Lunch is not included in tour price, be prepared to pay for it.
  • Malta uses the Euro. I found many places took credit cards but also need cash for small vendors.
  • Tour officially starts at 10am but pickup is from 8am to 9:30am depending on the operator’s route.
  • Be prepared to walk plenty during the tour.
  • Tour is approx. 9 hours.
  • All entrance fees are included in this tour.

Enhance your experience with this fun and informative tour when visiting Malta.

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