When we heard San Francisco now ranks the Top City in the US for having the most 3 Star Michelin restaurants, we had to check out the venue that made it happen. Coi received its third star for the 2018 edition. For years it was at 2 stars under the owner Daniel Patterson. With the artistry of Chef Matthew Kirkley, it gained its third star within 2 years under his leadership. Soon after the grand accomplishment, he was invited to compete at the renowned French culinary world championships, Bocuse d’Or.  As fate would have it, he left his position at Coi to compete in the momentous occasion. Will the restaurant sustain it’s newly minted 3rd star? Only time will tell. Hubby and I visited Coi right after Chef Kirkley left and experienced Chef Patterson’s classic menu. In my opinion it is still a two star with this fare. Maybe the chances will improve with his newly acquired Chef, Erik Anderson. If Anderson is able to maintain his 3 star status, perhaps Patterson is on to something in the way of selecting talent. Neither Kirkley or Anderson have ever received a Michelin rating before he hired them. It’ll be interesting to see what happens at this point.

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