An Odyssey in my mouth, ” were my words to my hubby at the end. We went last night and it’s still sinking in. The food is Art meets Science, flavors in harmony. We had 13 courses all prix fixe and each it’s own splendor. The amazing part is that it is just as delicious as it is beautiful. The final course was a dessert spectacular where the table becomes a canvas. I did not realize at the time that the owner & King Chef himself festooned our table with the most creative & delectable dessert we ever had. If I had known it was Chef Grant Achatz, I would have said, “Chef Grant, thank you for the most memorable food experiences ever!” And then bombard him with questions of his culinary masterpieces. But it worked out, because he was a total professional and down to business only. His demeanor read, “No time to talk, just create!”

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