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Welcome and thank you for stopping by! I’m Hera, the traveling author and photographer of Travoodie. My hubby Mike and I make our travel dreams come true and write about how it inspires us everyday. Our lives are transformed from ordinary to extraordinary by using travel and food to self improve and fulfill our personal aspirations. A Travoodie is a traveler and foodie enamored by both worlds. If you love luxury travel and fine foods with transformational value, you are at the right place! Luxury travel has evolved beyond just the experience itself and towards personal fulfillment. We want to inspire you to get out NOW and live life to the fullest. Time is limited for everyone, no more procrastination!

Frequent travel and food experiences impacts our lives so much that we had to share how it can transform you, well after the trips and visits are over. If you have aspirations to be something you procrastinated, to have everything you want, or to overcome anything you fear- purposeful travel and food experiences can help you gain valuable insights, personally grow, and make connections with people like never before. 

Travel is addicting because of the hands on experiences you gain versus seeing it through a screen or magazine. I cannot begin to tell you in a few sentences of how it’s changed our lives and perspectives. For many, travel has helped people find themselves and their life’s purpose. I personally conquered fears in taking risks, made interesting friends, and we both were inspired to learn new skills and hobbies. They all continue to enrich our lives daily. The wonderful memories we made stay alive as we use what we’ve learned everyday.

Travel & Food inspired us to make our life dreams come true. France motivated me to learn French, Italy- the piano, Bora Bora -scuba diving, and fine dining- cooking techniques.

Food is one of the best ways to bond with one another and Everyone has to eat! Think of every important moment in your life: anniversary’s, weddings, holidays, graduations, dates, promotions, meetings, celebrations – they all include food! It is absolutely nostalgic and one scent of baked Turkey or pie can transport you back to fond Holiday memories. Food sustains life and what we eat matters. It also always tastes better too when it’s made with love. We have met some incredible Chefs who absolutely adore cooking and you can taste their passion right on the plate. Their creativity is mind-blowing and it can easily change your perspective on food itself. Everything from how they make and source it will influence how you cook at home.

Mike works in medicine (a dream of his) when we are not traveling and he believes he was a Chef in his past life. His cooking skills have elevated to astonishing new heights since he’s learned techniques to cook and source like Michelin Chefs. Our meals are super tasty and our diets have never been better. Our friends and family are blown away by our cooking and we are delighted to please.

Just a few things I never thought I’d do are to really learn French, take formal piano lessons, conquer my fear of scuba diving, or write a blog!

We have never felt so fulfilled as we continue to make our life dreams come true. The transformations we steadily see in our home is to the core why we travel and dine. Everywhere we have visited- we have taken away a newfound perspective, an enlightenment, a deeper connection to the world that helps us personally grow.

We are so grateful for our experiences in travel and food that we wanted to shout it from the mountain tops! For anyone who is looking for inspiration, motivation, travel and food tips; we invite you to learn, laugh, cry, smile, and dream along with us.  Join us to be informed and encouraged to always live your best self.

Hiking Denali, Alaska


If luxury travel and exquisite food peaks your interest, Travoodie features romantic and exquisite venues like Michelin rated restaurants, top Diamond Star accommodations with captivating views, and unique Must-Do adventures of a lifetime. If you’re going to voyage to the other end of the world or dine at ultra-expensive restaurants, you want to rely on real experiences to maximize your time and resources. We prefer vendors who understand the sophisticated traveler and cater their world class service to helping you create the most memorable and inspiring experiences. 

“Bon Voyage Mon Ami! And remember-  Don’t just exist, Live your Dreams!”

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