The best way to know a city is to eat it.

Scott Westerfeld

Bonjour Travel Foodies of the world! Do travel and food make you incandescently happy? Use our hot tips and experiences to compliment your next WOW! itinerary.

They call me the Travoodie Queen, a TRAVel fOODIE Extraordinaire! Travoodies are inspirited by world travel and the magic of food! I’m Hera Massey, the traveling author and photographer of Travoodie™ Destinations. I travel everywhere with my BFF and hubby Mike.

Our blog was created for globetrotters and foodies looking for their next unique inspiration. If you enjoy all things travel and food with the WOW! factor, we provide a window to your next top destination to be seen and in the scene.

Live your best life traveling and eating along with us at The content is inspired by our Travel Foodie Ethos:

🌎 Travel enriches lives 🍽 Food connects people ⛰ Adventure conquers fear


Travel & Food makes us incandescently happy!

It inspired us to make our life dreams come true. France motivated me to learn French, Italy- the piano, Bora Bora -scuba diving, and fine dining- cooking techniques.

Hiking Denali, Alaska

When we travel, we always treat it like a special occasion. Our content is perfect for those looking to enhance their vacations or celebrate life!

Travoodie™ features romantic and exquisite venues like Michelin rated restaurants, top Diamond Star accommodations with captivating views, and unique Must-Do adventures of a lifetime.

If you’re going to voyage to the other end of the world or dine at renowned restaurants, you want to rely on real experiences to maximize your time and resources.

We recommend establishments that understand the sophisticated traveler and know how to accommodate you. Use our hot tips and experiences to compliment your next extraordinary itinerary.

Ciao Belle!

Love is the Food of life, Travel is the dessert.

Amanda Jane Sturges

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